The Prairie Comics Team

S.M. Beiko


Sam (S.M.) Beiko is a Winnipeg-based author of young adult fantasy novels, and the creator of the webcomic Krampus is My Boyfriend! on Webtoon. She has over twelve years experience working in the book and comics publishing industry, and currently works as a social media content writer for Television.

Jay Cormack


Jay is a Winnipeg based artist, educator, and grad student. Jay’s work focuses on identity, body image, movement, and mental health. Exploring digital and traditional styles, Jay experiments with art as a means of expression and connection to each other. He is currently working on fusing education, mental health tools, and art to create interactive zines that facilitate expression and language as a pathway to self-exploration. When Jay isn’t making art, he’s probably excitedly rambling to himself about a newly learned theoretical framework or something. 


Scott A. Ford


Scott A. Ford is an award winning comic creator, illustrator, and designer from Winnipeg, Canada. His work puts an emphasis on atmosphere and rich visuals, drawing inspiration from video games, graphic design, film, and animation. His comic projects include Boreal, Ark Land, Giants’ Well, Ocosomoso, and Romulus + Remus.