PCF 2023 Zine–PDF Version




Want to read your PCF 2023 Zine on the go? Enjoy a full-colour PDF version of our 125 page anthology featuring comics, artwork, and exclusive features from our exhibitors. The Table of Contents is linked so you can go support each artist via their personal websites.

*Once your purchase has been made, your PDF will be emailed to you from shop@prairiecomics.com. Email us if you didn’t receive it!


Interview with 2023 Festival Guest Cole Pauls

Thief by Merissa Mayhew

September 16, 2020 by Jonathan Dyck

Kettle Harbour Cover by Kyle Vingoe-Cram

Interview with Nyco Rudolph

Moth Musings by Elaine M. Will

Interview with Rhael McGregor

Select Art by Rhael McGregor

Interview with 2023 Special Guest Megan Kearney

Hold the Good Ones Close by Kathleen Gros

Ghosts by Rotem Diamant

Interview with Steven Kaul and Lyndon Radchenka

When I Get Home by Steven Kaul and Lyndon Radchenka

Interview with Hannan Hanania 

Select Art by Hannan Hanania

My Visit with Norm by David Howell

Interview with David Howell

Interview with At Bay Press

Curb Angels 2 Preview by Nyala Ali and Lisa Mendis

Select Art by Robert Pasternak

Interview with Justin Currie

Interview with GMB Chomichuk

Haunted Stars by GMB Chomichuk

Olivia Sea by Nicholas Friesen

Yak and Shadow by William O’Donnell and Bart Rucinski

Interview with Glacier Bay Books’ Emuh Ruh

The Dybukk by Oren Wry

Interview with Hely Schumann and Matthew Dyck

Interview with Scott B. Henderson

Select Works by Scott B. Henderson

Off the Forest Path by Stephan Black

Boreal by Scott A. Ford

Krampus is My Boyfriend! by S.M. Beiko


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