Do you want to officially join the Prairie Comics Festival organization as a card-carrying member, not only helping us to flourish, but contributing to the development of a thriving indie comics arts community in Manitoba?

You came to the right place!

If you have read our Mandates and Guiding Principles and found yourself agreeing enthusiastically with them, then PCF Membership is one way you can help us reach our goals of sustaining a lively indie comics community. Let your voice be heard, stay up to date on new and exciting developments, and help us become a stronger organization dedicated to supporting independent comic artists and their essential work in Manitoba.

PCF members receive a number of benefits, and provide an essential building block to the indie arts community–and to our organization! We have two tiers below. 

Non-Voting members – $10 a year

  • Receive a laminated membership card
  • Receive all inside information about the governance of PCF, including but not limited to Festival plans, programming updates, new partnerships, and financial records
  • Provide input on headliner guests, programming, new community initiatives, etc.Send in suggestions or recommendations for Festival development, to be taken under advisement by the current sitting board
  • Have opportunities to join advisory committees first before they are made known to the public.
  • A free PDF copy of our annual Zine, plus other extras like Festival exclusive poster prints, buttons, and more.

Voting Members – $30 per year

  • All of the Non-Voting member benefits, plus:
  • A hard copy and PDF of our annual Zine
  • Provide input on headliner guests, programming, new community initiatives, etc.
  • Elect new board members at AGM meetings
  • Receive a 20% off coupon at the PCF Store
  • Receive a voting members-only enamel pin in addition to a laminated membership card

All members will be added to our newsletter list to stay up to date on the organization’s business. Members will be thanked, by name, in our annual printed Zine book and brochure.

All individuals seeking membership must send in an application via the below above. You will receive a response in writing from the PCF Board after your acceptance has been determined!

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.