Upcoming Events

2024 Seminars

April 20, 2pm, Millennium Library 

Zines 101 with Autumn Crossman-Serb


May 18, 2pm, Millennium Library

Educational Comics: Counseling by Proxy with Nicholas Burns

June 22, 2pm, Millennium Library

Self-Publishing Comics

July 20, 2pm, Millennium Library

Social Media Marketing for Indie Comics with S.M. Beiko

August 2024

Youth (ages 9-12) and Teen Comic Workshops with GMB Chomichuk

Dates TBA

September 2024

Prairie Comics Festival gallery display at Millennium Library

2nd Floor, Max Blankstein Space

October 5-6, Millennium Library

Prairie Comics Festival 2024

Throughout the year, Prairie Comics Festival endeavours to put on events for the purpose of developing and promoting the indie comics community, as well as educating the public on new publications, artistic workshops, and skill development opportunities. Book launches! Panels! Hands on creation! And all free to attend, with paid opportunities for all involved speakers.

Interested in putting on an event with Prairie Comics Festival? Contact us at info@prairiecomics.com to pitch your program.